Helga Wretman born in Stockholm in1985, lives and works in Berlin.

Group show "Weil ich bin es wert" at HHDM, Wien

Group show "Well" at Arcadia Missa, London
Group show "Brand Innovation" at Higher Pictures, New York
Performance "Body & Mind Visualization for Artists" at Club Midnight, Berlin
Solo show "Pleasure Region" at Club Midnight, Berlin

Performance "Safety is Sexy" at Kik in der Kok Festival, Tallinn
Perfromance "The Safety Protocol" at Bergen Kunsthall Norway.
Internet performance "Fitness for Artists global" at Duve Gallery, Berlin.
Performance "The Safety Protocol" and "Fitness for Artists" at Based in Berlin.
Performance and installation for a group show, curated by Felisa Funes at Grimm Museum, Berlin.

Performance at Darsa Comfort, Zürich.
Perfomance Sulumya Kula LOL (lots of love) at Kunsthalle Athena
Perfomance Sulumya Kula (The Receever) in collaboration with Juliette Bonneviot, .hbc, Berlin

Performance "GSM (global short message)" at NADA art fair, Miami
Group show "SALLY'S", Berlin
lead character in art film ”Secret Machine” by Reynold Reynolds.
lead character in art film ”Secret life” by Raynold ?Raynolds.

Choreographic experience
The Internet Pavilion, Venice Biennial for a performance of Aids3-d
The motion capture dance for pole shift project Gentilli, Berlin
The Network of Love ?for a performance of Aids3d and Donna Hauanca at Exit Art, New York
Peaches music video?
ECE commercial Directed by Britta Krause
Untitled at dock 11,berlin?
jerusalem 2012, collaboration for a performance of Aids-3d, Program Gallery, Berlin
Bach’s cello suite, Royal Philharmonic Hall, Stockholm ?
Tango pas de deux & solo at Södra Teatern and?Riddarfjärdsteatern?
Västerås Concert Hall "Djurattack" w/ the freejazzband?Solflickornas Jumpakollo?
"Kollektivtrafik" duet at Blå Lådan, Dansens Hus

Training school at the Ballet Academy ?Classical ballet: Ramona Loewinski, Lottie Ruther?Lindström, Fay Nenander?Floor technique: James McNatt?Jazz, Modern dance
Kungliga Svenska Balettskolan ?with principal direction to modern, contemporary dance